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Pendulum is a divination tool which is used as in important decisions of life . It can be used in getting answers to the questions of life which disturb and confuse you completely.

The topics covered in pendulum dowsing courses:

  1. What is pendulum.
  2. How to hold the pendulum properly while asking questions.
  3. If you are in a emotionally disturbed state of mind ,we teach you techniques to clear the emotional debris , so that you can use the pendulum in an effective manner.
  4. The methods to ask the questions and understand the answers of the pendulum
  5. Pendulum table , analysis for chinese five element system for your mind, body , health and heal them with the healing techniques of the pendulum
  6. Using the pendulum on the body and practical energy work
  7. Using the pendulum to get messages from your inner child, higher self and learning to use those messages to solve problems not only in all the important issues of life like finance , career , relationship etc but also help you in solving the day to day issues of life also.