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Numerology is a science based on numbers that studies the deep relationship of numbers. Each number contains a vibration ,energy that conveys hidden messages that is decoded through analysis of the name , date of birth, signature to understand your problems. It helps us to study the personal, psychological, business, relationship, financial , marriage , job spiritual aspects of a person Thus we get a full picture of the person and his problems. Then accordingly we suggest changes in the way your name is spelt , lucky colours, dates and numbers that will solve your problems to a large extent . You do not have to change the name officially but just write the changed name spelling a certain number of times that we would suggest

We also study the signature and suggest changes as required. We also do address analysis of residence ,place of work and business to create more positive vibrations and success.

We specialize in handling the cases of those persons born on dates 2, 11 , 20 , 4 , 13 , 22 , 8, 17 26 . because generally these people encounter complicated ,unnecessary tensions and hassles in their personal and professional life.