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Sometimes in Life , we are involved in certain situations which really perplex us,eg we give an examination several times every time we miss it by one mark , you are very talented but suddenly you become a victim of politics and you get fired by the boss , you are very good at your business every body appreciates your skills but unfortunately you are unable to survive in the market.

One gets disheartened and wonder why me? Why am I not getting the success I deserve? These are questions which are complicated and really disturb your peace of mind ,thus complicating the issue farther .Through karma card reading we analyse the root cause of the situation . so that one can peel the layers and layers of problems, then we understand that we are not the innocent victims of blind fate.

There is a higher purpose to the painful experiences that we go through in life , through the karma card reading I connect with the clients inner voice , higher self that provides guidance by intuition . hunches , flashes of inspiration. The reading reveals the broad perspective and a broader long term vision and solution of the problem.