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Happy successful people feel important and valuable, Because they feel and act this way, it becomes true for them.

Unhappy, frustrated people feel unimportant and of little value. They feel frustrated and unworthy. They feel I am not good enough and as a result they lash out at the world and engage in behaviors that hurt themselves and others.



At different stages in oyur life, we experience different emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, excitement. These emotions they affect our mind and body, immune system, the negative emotions like fear, anger, excitement, worry result in various diseases like high bp, ulcer, skin diseases, depression, mental restlessness, sleeplessness etc.

Thus we can understand that emotions have a deep relationship with energy. One can notice that when we go through a bad phase like broken relationship, losses in business, betrayal in friendship, we become emotionally and mentally restless and disturbed. we are totally confused as to whom to trust, whom not to trust, what to do, there is a loss in our self confidence, our decision making abilities become considerably weak, doubt gets a iron grip in our mind and body. The more these negative emotions, lower our energy reserves. We should convert our emotionalism in to calm, concentrated focussed mind power and energy.

Change Your Thought - Change Your Life

Change Your Thought – Change Your Life

How are you going to feel today is the decision you can make consciously. By choosing the right thoughts. If you desire to overcome your bad habits – you must believe that, you can be free unenslaved by bad habits. In order to change bad habits to good habits, one must use willpower guided by discrimination and energised by willpower. Without willpower you may know what is right through discrimination yet not take any action on it. It is acting on knowledge that you get to your goal. Therefore discrimination is the vehicle of thoughts and willpower is the fuel that gives power to the thoughts. Affirm to yourself repeatedly – with faith, conviction, willpower – I can change, I will change, I have the willpower to change.

SECRET OF YOUTHFULNESS – The most important factor in maintaining youthfulness is to keep smiling sincerely under all circumstances, that is one must learn to smile from the bottom of your heart, a genuine smile. The practice of smiling helps to develop mental youthfulness, due to which we feel, look young, full of energy, enthusiasm and positivity. To develop such a attitude, one’s happiness should not be dependent on any human being or external world. In this world we are often crucified by others by thier meanness, negativity, but it should not affect our resolution to be kind and happy. If you choose to be happy, no one can make you unhappy.

stress management

stress management

In today’s stressful times, with rising prices, corruption, road rage, collapse of the joint family system. Our mind gets overburdened with negative thoughts, worries. Thoughts like

  1. Will I be able to secure financial security for my family?
  2. Will be able to meet the deadlines in my office work?

Such questions drain your energy, weakens your immune system and your brain goes in shut down mode. Then You wonder what to do now? In the next blog i will give practical keys to overcome the problem?

PRACTICAL steps to overcome such problems:

Relax your body and mind. To do so lie down in your bed, relax the body completely, first by tensing the whole body and then exhale through the mouth, relax the whole body. do this 4 to 5 times.

Relax your mind by emptying all the restless thoughts. To do so count  in the reverse order from to 50 to 1. If the mind wanders, do not worry. continue the counting from where your mind wandered. Then when you come to 1 ., softly say peace fills my mind, peace fills my body, I am relaxed.

Keep affirming to yourself, I believe in myself  I, have cool confidence in my ability  to overcome the problem and emerge victorious. Yes I can do it. Keep repeating t statements 20 to 25 times. Try it out it will make difference. You will be to see the problems dispassionately in a new light and find the hidden key to the problem.

  1. Weakens your willpower
  2. Creates negative thoughts like I cannot do it , it is impossible etc which makes us depressed, discouraged
  3. It paralyses the mental and thought power within you
  4. It destroys the willpower making us feel powerless, helpless

Therefore it is very important to overcome fear. Some simple tips to overcome fears will be given in the next blog .in  In the meanwhile a small home work .make a list of fears which you . it could physical , mental ,emotional  , financial fears.

TIPS TO OVERCOME FEAR – A- suppose you are afraid of darkness , just switch  off the light , try to remain in the dark room  for a fewseconds , then switch on the light . in this way you can increase the time duration slowly and notice  the difference in your  attitude towards the fear of darkness.


B  – fear  of failure -  when you have a fear of failure , then the following qualities  manifest -

  1. The ability to think creatively, out of the box is completely destroyed  because one is stuck up in a groove of stagnation , unable to move  forward.
  2. Lack of self confidence – one starts doubting ones talent and potential .
  3. Mental restlessness – lack of complete control over the mind , one is at the mercy of the negative thoughts .

Overcoming failure is complex subject, requiring indepth study

of the person  his nature , thoughts , belief , conditioning , habits , vibrations  which we do in our life transformation courses . Check our website .

A client of mine had come to me for reading , regarding a house  he  wanted to purchase in Santacruz east  a three bedroom flat ,Mumbai.  A intuitive reading revealed  that  the house was  a good deal from all sides and it would appreciate   financially   tremendously in the long run . The deal was finalized .after the client and his family had shifted  to the new house the  repair work started  . it was found that one of the bedrooms ceiling  was in  a bad condition the cooperation  of the person residing on the 3rd floor was needed to repair it . but the  person refused to cooperate . the matter went into litigation , still there was no solution in sight . the client could not use that bedroom . his family members  , friends . Started  blaming him  for buying  a broken  house with so many problems . the client agin came to me for a reading. The  cards revealed that the  house was  agood  deal , and the  problem  would be solved in an unusal  and   mracauolus  manner. It exactly happened like that .accidentally , the client was discussing the  matter with somebody  .,the person suggested that through a new technology the ceiling could be repaired from the house it  self.   From the  safety and strength  point of view it was  a perfect option .thus the problem was solved  satisfactorily. The icing on the cake was the property appreciated 5 times its purchase  value . victory to the power of intuiti

STRESS MANAGEMENT -   stress occurs when in our interactions with human beings , be it in the office with our boss or co workers , in our day to day relations with our family members or freinds we end up being irritated , disturbed and highly upset . this affects our concentration , productivity at work and relations with our family also get disturbed . we have a simple solution for this .sit in place  ,close your eyes , visualize the person with whom you are having  issues , cover the person with white light say peace , harmony for one minute  then visualize yourself say peace , harmony do it for one minute . you can do this 5 to 6 times in a day . if done properly with faith , you can see a change in the other person and in yourself . in short you will find that    the situation will not trouble you like it did before .

STRESS MANAGEMENT- IS PEACE OF MIND POSSIBLE IN TODAY’ S FAST PACED , TENSION FILLED LIFE ? WHEN I ASK THIS QUESTION TO MY CLIENTS WHO COME TO ME FOR HEALING , TAROT CARD READING , IN THE  HEALING , LIFE TRANSFORMATION COURSES WHICH I CONDUCT , 90% OF THE PEOPLE REPLY IN NNEGATIVE . it is frustrating  for them for they,  believe that peace of mind is a distant goal attainable only by afew lucky soul who are born with good genes , that is a happy go lucky attitude of mind , they have abundance of money ., comfortable lifestyle,high quality brain chemistry , high I .Q ., relatively problem free life and other factors . But the real fact is that peace is our true,fundamental state of mind . it is unfortunate that we have  gone far away from our true nature .it is covered behind layers and layers of doubt , worry , fear, thoughts that are about the past or future. SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM.

1 – control over the restless , monkey mind  , ha ha this is no laughing matter . I will give you a simple exercise , just do it . then you will understand it

Count the number  starting  from 100  subtract 3 from it then add 6 do it till come to 0 . you can do it in a paper . give me feedback

in today’ s times of tension , when there are so many  psychological , emotional , financial pressures , that  it leads to frustration, depression , negative thoughts  that a – I can’t handle the tension any more , my brain has stopped working . b  -constant worrying – thinking over the same problem again and again . c – a feeling of self pity and poor me , wants sympathy from people around you .This Leads to weakening of the immune system , allergies, asthma , body pains, low energy levels . feed back . solutions  coming soon.

Next time notice when you constantly  complain , talk about your problem ,think negative , how does your body respond , how is your breathing , heart beat , the kind of thoughts you have . Now try out a simple  experiment – sit in chair in a relaxed position . think about the positive, good thigs that have occurred in your life , remember them vividly and in full detail . Enjoy your self completely while doing so after 15 to 20 minutes you will find a change in your attitude , awareness and in your body . proof of the pudding is in eating , try it out yourself . good luck.

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