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At different stages in oyur life, we experience different emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, excitement. These emotions they affect our mind and body, immune system, the negative emotions like fear, anger, excitement, worry result in various diseases like high bp, ulcer, skin diseases, depression, mental restlessness, sleeplessness etc.

Thus we can understand that emotions have a deep relationship with energy. One can notice that when we go through a bad phase like broken relationship, losses in business, betrayal in friendship, we become emotionally and mentally restless and disturbed. we are totally confused as to whom to trust, whom not to trust, what to do, there is a loss in our self confidence, our decision making abilities become considerably weak, doubt gets a iron grip in our mind and body. The more these negative emotions, lower our energy reserves. We should convert our emotionalism in to calm, concentrated focussed mind power and energy.

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