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Change Your Thought - Change Your Life

Change Your Thought – Change Your Life

How are you going to feel today is the decision you can make consciously. By choosing the right thoughts. If you desire to overcome your bad habits – you must believe that, you can be free unenslaved by bad habits. In order to change bad habits to good habits, one must use willpower guided by discrimination and energised by willpower. Without willpower you may know what is right through discrimination yet not take any action on it. It is acting on knowledge that you get to your goal. Therefore discrimination is the vehicle of thoughts and willpower is the fuel that gives power to the thoughts. Affirm to yourself repeatedly – with faith, conviction, willpower – I can change, I will change, I have the willpower to change.

SECRET OF YOUTHFULNESS – The most important factor in maintaining youthfulness is to keep smiling sincerely under all circumstances, that is one must learn to smile from the bottom of your heart, a genuine smile. The practice of smiling helps to develop mental youthfulness, due to which we feel, look young, full of energy, enthusiasm and positivity. To develop such a attitude, one’s happiness should not be dependent on any human being or external world. In this world we are often crucified by others by thier meanness, negativity, but it should not affect our resolution to be kind and happy. If you choose to be happy, no one can make you unhappy.

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