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How to Remove STRESS in Your Life?

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stress management

stress management

In today’s stressful times, with rising prices, corruption, road rage, collapse of the joint family system. Our mind gets overburdened with negative thoughts, worries. Thoughts like

  1. Will I be able to secure financial security for my family?
  2. Will be able to meet the deadlines in my office work?

Such questions drain your energy, weakens your immune system and your brain goes in shut down mode. Then You wonder what to do now? In the next blog i will give practical keys to overcome the problem?

PRACTICAL steps to overcome such problems:

Relax your body and mind. To do so lie down in your bed, relax the body completely, first by tensing the whole body and then exhale through the mouth, relax the whole body. do this 4 to 5 times.

Relax your mind by emptying all the restless thoughts. To do so count  in the reverse order from to 50 to 1. If the mind wanders, do not worry. continue the counting from where your mind wandered. Then when you come to 1 ., softly say peace fills my mind, peace fills my body, I am relaxed.

Keep affirming to yourself, I believe in myself  I, have cool confidence in my ability  to overcome the problem and emerge victorious. Yes I can do it. Keep repeating t statements 20 to 25 times. Try it out it will make difference. You will be to see the problems dispassionately in a new light and find the hidden key to the problem.

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