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True Case of Intuition of One of My Clients

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A client of mine had come to me for reading , regarding a house  he  wanted to purchase in Santacruz east  a three bedroom flat ,Mumbai.  A intuitive reading revealed  that  the house was  a good deal from all sides and it would appreciate   financially   tremendously in the long run . The deal was finalized .after the client and his family had shifted  to the new house the  repair work started  . it was found that one of the bedrooms ceiling  was in  a bad condition the cooperation  of the person residing on the 3rd floor was needed to repair it . but the  person refused to cooperate . the matter went into litigation , still there was no solution in sight . the client could not use that bedroom . his family members  , friends . Started  blaming him  for buying  a broken  house with so many problems . the client agin came to me for a reading. The  cards revealed that the  house was  agood  deal , and the  problem  would be solved in an unusal  and   mracauolus  manner. It exactly happened like that .accidentally , the client was discussing the  matter with somebody  .,the person suggested that through a new technology the ceiling could be repaired from the house it  self.   From the  safety and strength  point of view it was  a perfect option .thus the problem was solved  satisfactorily. The icing on the cake was the property appreciated 5 times its purchase  value . victory to the power of intuiti

STRESS MANAGEMENT -   stress occurs when in our interactions with human beings , be it in the office with our boss or co workers , in our day to day relations with our family members or freinds we end up being irritated , disturbed and highly upset . this affects our concentration , productivity at work and relations with our family also get disturbed . we have a simple solution for this .sit in place  ,close your eyes , visualize the person with whom you are having  issues , cover the person with white light say peace , harmony for one minute  then visualize yourself say peace , harmony do it for one minute . you can do this 5 to 6 times in a day . if done properly with faith , you can see a change in the other person and in yourself . in short you will find that    the situation will not trouble you like it did before .

STRESS MANAGEMENT- IS PEACE OF MIND POSSIBLE IN TODAY’ S FAST PACED , TENSION FILLED LIFE ? WHEN I ASK THIS QUESTION TO MY CLIENTS WHO COME TO ME FOR HEALING , TAROT CARD READING , IN THE  HEALING , LIFE TRANSFORMATION COURSES WHICH I CONDUCT , 90% OF THE PEOPLE REPLY IN NNEGATIVE . it is frustrating  for them for they,  believe that peace of mind is a distant goal attainable only by afew lucky soul who are born with good genes , that is a happy go lucky attitude of mind , they have abundance of money ., comfortable lifestyle,high quality brain chemistry , high I .Q ., relatively problem free life and other factors . But the real fact is that peace is our true,fundamental state of mind . it is unfortunate that we have  gone far away from our true nature .it is covered behind layers and layers of doubt , worry , fear, thoughts that are about the past or future. SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM.

1 – control over the restless , monkey mind  , ha ha this is no laughing matter . I will give you a simple exercise , just do it . then you will understand it

Count the number  starting  from 100  subtract 3 from it then add 6 do it till come to 0 . you can do it in a paper . give me feedback

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