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Key to Understanding & using your Numbers to change your Destiny

Key to Understanding & using your Numbers to change your Destiny

Free Reading of Numbers

Free Reading of Numbers

Stress Management
- Dr. Anooradha
Broken Love Affair
Financial Worries
Victims of Office Politics
Health Issues
Marriage on Rocks

We provide solution oriented treatment,
therapies for stress management

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Card Reading

Tarot card is a prediction tool in astrology which provides accurate predictions and remedies through colours , symbols , energy analysis and intuition. The uniqueness of my reading is that it provides accurate and powerful predictions in issues regarding business, professional road blocks in career , education of children , health , financial issues, personal relationships , marriage , settling , travelling abroad etc.
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Numerology is a science based on numbers that studies the deep relationship of numbers. Each number contains a vibration ,energy that conveys hidden messages that is decoded through analysis of the name , date of birth, signature to understand your problems. It helps us to study the personal, psychological, business, relationship, financial , marriage , job spiritual aspects of a person Thus we get a full picture of the person and his problems.
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Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmic energy healing is used to heal the imbalances in the mind, body soul resulting in physical diseases, mental disturbances, emotional disturbances, problems in important issues like finance, career , relationships etc.

Aura and cosmic energy reading of mind body and soul is through cosmic energy, diagnosis of the energy body , chakras.

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Law of Attraction, Vibration & Solutions

Quantam psychology says that everything in the universe is made up of thoughts and energy. They are fluid by nature and the thought , energy waves can be changed, thus one can bring about any desired changes in any situation in your office , career , relationships ,health, personal growth and other important issues of life.
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Why Astrology

You may ask in this twenty first century when the science has made such a rapid progress in making our life easy and comfortable. Every human being goes through a phase in life where in you have tried your level best to solve the crisis you are passing in life through logic , intellectually, academic knowledge and trying out various methods by which you have solved your problems before, but they don’t seem to work at this juncture in life.

We have devised cosmic astrology where we use different tools to guide you through predictions, solutions in the form of practical options and methods to solve your problems.

We help to analyse the problems and derive solution through various techniques of healing and tarot card reading.

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